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What is required to get a Connecticut Pistol Permit (CPP)?
The first step is to take our National Rifle Association (NRA) Basic Pistol Class.  Our class is mandated as a prerequisite to getting your CPP.  After successfully taking our NRA CPP class, you can then apply to your local police department in the town you reside.  Click here for NRA class information and schedule.

Who can obtain a Connecticut Pistol Permit?
Most resident or non-resident adults over the age of 21 with a clean criminal record.

What does “clean criminal record” mean?
In general, clean criminal record means you can’t have any convictions for any felony, drug or violence related crimes.

If I have a conviction for a disqualifying charge, can I still get a CPP?
Possibly.  There are many instances when you can apply to have your conviction pardoned, contact Attorney Ralph Sherman for more information.. 

After submitting my application, how long should it take to get my CPP?
State law mandates you must be approved or denied in writing within 11 weeks from application.

What are the fees for a CPP?
The fee for the CPP is $70 for five years.

After five years, am I required to take the NRA CPP class again for renewal of my permit?
No.  As long as you renew your permit within 30 days of the expiration date, you will not have to take the NRA CPP class again.

Must I prove a “need” to be issues a CPP?
No.  If you fulfill the application requirement and pass a criminal background check, you should be issued a CPP.  No reason is asked or implied on the application.

What do I do if I feel I have been wrongfully denied a CPP?
If you have been denied a CPP and have any questions, contact Attorney Ralph Sherman.

Does my CPP allow me to carry a firearm in any state other than Connecticut?
In general, no.  However, there are many states that offer non-resident carry permits.

Is there such a thing as a Federal Pistol Permit?
No.  In August of 2009, a reciprocity bill that would have allowed citizens to carry a firearm in 48 out of 50 states was voted on by the US Senate.  The bill needed 60 votes to pass; it received 58 votes and failed.  Anti-gun liberal senators Joe Lieberman, Chris Dodd and Rosa DeLauro all voted against this bill, once again, trampling your right to legally keep and bear arms. 



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